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San Francisco movie locations from classic films

San Francisco movie locations from classic films

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - Matthew's Home - 2

Then … They convene back at Matthew’s place where Kibner tries to make sense of what they experienced at the Mud Baths.

… and Now, the matching photo shows how this living room looks today (its location, 1227 Montgomery Street, was described in an earlier post here).


Then … Nerves are frayed - Nancy clings onto Jack when he gets testy with Kibner (who, unlike the others, has not seen the creatures) for not accepting that they are real and intent on replacing them.

… and Now, the door behind them leads out to the patio overlooking Montgomery Street .


Then … Kibner leaves the house, exiting via stairs leading down from the patio.

… and Now, the stairs are still there but hidden behind a latticed wall and a new entrance has been added next to the garage doors.


Then … He walks towards his car, parked at far left just inside a narrow alley.

… and Now, the alley is Castle Street where it joins a very steep block of Union Street (at the red marker on this map, while the blue marker shows Matthew’s place).


When he gets into his car we recognize next to him Elizabeth’s partner Geoffrey. Knowing that he has been replaced, our worst fears are confirmed - Kibner is one of them!


Play It Again, Sam - At The Park

Allan and Linda visit the park together, but first she meets him at his office, whose entrance is at the far left below. As they leave they pass a red and blue poster (behind him), advertising the British Exhibition at the Masonic Hall on California Street.

CitySleuth has not yet found this location but is including it here in the hope of a reader recognizing it and contacting him.


Then … Linda is conflicted by their mutual attraction. She’s feeling down so at the park Allan tries to cheer her up the only way he knows how - with wisecracks.

… and Now, in Golden Gate Park at the Music Concourse benches are still lined up in front of the bandshell where this was filmed (map). The steps in the background left of center lead up to the De Young Museum.


The bandshell, named the Spreckels Temple Of Music in recognition of sugar magnate Claus Spreckels’ munificence, has hosted many notable performers over the decades ranging from Luciano Pavarotti to the Grateful Dead. Built in 1899, it survived significant damage in the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes and is stoically awaiting the next big one.

This recent view from the De Young Museum tower looks across the Music Concourse to the California Academy Of Sciences and the transmission tower atop Mount Sutro. An array of mature pollarded trees covers the concourse, seen closer-up above. The bandshell is on the right.


Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - Bureaucratic Runaround

Matthew wanders through downtown streets making a series of calls to city and federal officials. He quickly finds that they seem anxious to keep a lid on his reports of slimy half-formed beings.

Then … He first meets a staff member from the Mayor’s office in Union Square. He is urged to not say a word to anyone.

and Now, this is the northeast corner of the square at Post and Stockton (map). The steps have been expanded and one of the city’s Hearts, part of a citywide arts project, is on display there. In both images the St. Francis Hotel on Powell Street can be seen across the square.


Then … Next he tries calling the Police Department but is immediately cut off. The high-rise offices in the background are Two Embarcadero Center on the right and the Alcoa Building on the left. Harrington’s Irish pub is on the same block as the phone booth. In these street scenes the camera swirls in constant motion, reflecting his confusion.

and Now, this is Front Street looking north towards and across Sacramento Street in the Financial District (map). The Alcoa Building is known today as One Maritime Plaza. Harrington’s, there since 1935, continues to slake the neighborhood’s thirst.


Then … The Mayor’s office calls back and asks him to use his discretion, because “… this whole thing might be abating”.

and Now, this is the junction of Powell, Eddy and Market at the cable car turntable (map). The corner building straight ahead at One Powell was built in 1921 , originally housing A.P. Giannini’s Bank of Italy, later known as Bank of America. Today it’s a flagship AT&T store with redeveloped luxury condominiums above.


Then … The Federal Preparedness Agency are equally unhelpful, telling him to keep an open mind. “Don’t mention to anyone about duplicate bodies, for God’s sake”.

and Now, this is a half block up Powell Street from Market. Burger King and the Mac Pro Store (partially blocked by the advertising kiosk and the cable car awaiting its turn to head down to the turntable) have replaced the Cable Car Steak Restaurant at 45 Powell.


Then … His head is spinning as he walks the streets replaying in his mind the unified opposition from those very agencies and officials who should have been jolted into an immediate investigative response. Perhaps Elizabeth is right, this smells of a conspiracy. On the left a Woolworth’s store occupies the retail level of the Flood Building.

and Now, viewed from Ellis, with Market Street crossing in the distance, this looks along the same block of Powell Street as the previous two Then images above, but in the opposite direction. Woolworth’s is long gone; its site now houses The Gap.


Invasion Of The Body Snatchers - Matthew's Home - 1

Then … Matthew invites Elizabeth to a stir-fry at his home. She wonders if she is losing her mind - she tells him that her boyfriend Geoffrey is not Geoffrey; he looks the same but has lost all emotions and feelings. Matthew listens politely but he’s understandably skeptical.

… and Now, from the same vantage point there have been several changes to these rooms. The doorway at far left is the same one but is now partially hidden from here by a wall that has been extended towards the viewer. A kitchen remodel has eliminated the suspended shelves. Straight ahead in back of the living room is the same front entrance.


Then … A vista shown later in the movie reveals the location of the house - it’s the two story in the foreground at far right at 1227 Montgomery Street, Telegraph Hill (map). The street-facing upstairs patio door is the one seen in the interior image above.

… and Now, this view looks south towards downtown along Montgomery Street from Union Street. Forty years on, the distant bullet-shaped Salesforce Tower at left is the biggest (literally) change on the horizon. Note that 1227 Montgomery now has an added 3rd story.


Then … A shot of Matthew on the patio also captures downtown and, in the distance, the Bay Bridge.

… and Now, rampant foliage removes the view from our sight but we see that the rusted lamp post at left is the same one, with an upgraded lamp. Alongside it a tiny sliver of the bridge’s roadway is all that’s visible from here through the trees. And, the patio railing has since been replaced, conforming to tightened safety codes.


It’s warm outside so they dine in the garden. Matthew suggests she meet his psychiatrist friend David Kibner ... “He will put things into perspective for you”.


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